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Who We Are

The Reviewers' Legacy is a site dedicated to providing our readers (and watchers, and listeners) with content free from sponsorship or advertisements. We believe that it's hard to provide an objective critique of a medium if part of our paycheck comes from the inside of said medium. Say we obtain a free press copy of a video game; while it certainly could be reviewed without bias, it may be easier to let certain problems slide if we didn't pay for the product. We'd rather obtain the products we review as any consumer would, so that we can enjoy it or loathe it with the same mindset as the average person.

Our Current Series

Right now, we're operating on a limited staff of one, yours truly! While we look forward to expanding, we're currently operating just one series, Fixing Gaming, where I go into a bit more detail about what makes games and mechanics tick. Feel free to browse our articles, and look forward to seeing a few new series being unveiled in the future!