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About Us

The Reviewers’ Legacy

This site has existed in some essence for the last six years. Through several iterations and setbacks, we’ve finally taken roost in our (hopefully) final form. What started as a fun little project between several high school friends has blossomed into a hobby for those seeking a haven from ads, sponsorship, and editorial bias.

We’re expanding our outreach, gaining new writers as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining a level of quality we hope to meet. We’re growing our team to provide you the content you deserve, and to provide that one-stop shop for all your entertainment journalism needs!

Christopher Crawford

Hey, everyone, I’m Chris. I own the site, and work primarily on game editorials and editing in general (when needed). I’ve been working on this little guy for a quarter of my life, and I hope to see it blossom into what I’ve always wanted to see. Hope to see you all out there reading, writing and commenting!